Hi everyone,

I would like to share some experiences in communicating to audiences. Often I find myself lost for words when someone interrupts me while I am presenting. This may be because I did not prepare myself for the presentation. Hence, I find it to be worthwhile to review my presentation content – it is an email or presentation slide – to anticipate what type of feedback or questions that the audience may have when they review the content. By doing so, this makes me well prepared when presenting, and also portray a solid reputation as I am well verse with the subject matter.

Another thought that I would like to share is listening intently to the audience’s questions and answering diligently. Occasionally, I may find myself biased in listening where I am trying to hear things that I want to hear or know that I can answer. While this may make me feel comfortable as I feel that I know content, it will also give the impression to the audience that I did not answer their question. Hence it’s also a good practice to listen to questions intently, answer honestly, and ask the audience if the information answered their question.

Have fun presenting!

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