Creating clear and effective learning plans with your students will be helpful in the learning journeys. Here are some tips:

1. Setting goal(s). Create clear and specific goals with your students.  For example, improving communication skills for a presentation or an interview.

2. Analyzing the goal and creating sub-goals.  When the main goal is achieve, create sub-sub-goals that can help the student achieve the goal.   For example, encourage the student to expand their vocabulary and practice the usage of words. 

3. Achieve early successes.   Giving encouragement and feedback to the student can provide positive conditions for the student to practice and study more.  It also enable students to build confidence so they can try to achieve more learning outcomes.  Likewise, providing continuous feedback can showcase areas where the student needs to improve on, so they can learn effectively. 

4. Practice daily.  Encourage the student to practice communication (whether it’s grammar, pronunciation, reading or vocalizing their words) every day.  This can keep the content fresh in mind and re-instills the learning goals and outcomes to be achieved.  It can be a few minutes to a few hours each day. 

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