Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been a very intriguing topic for me. For me, I have a heard this term throughout my life, and especially in the professional workplace environment. This trait has high perceived value, and I see lot of leaders having strong self awareness, and more importantly self management skills. This is very evident when I see successful people giving a speech and handling questions well from the audience when they deal with new or difficult questions – their facial impressions are usually calm and positive.

One of the thought leaders in EQ is Travis Bradberry. He has done research on how EQ impacts the mind, how external stimuli influences EQ, how EQ is perceived in the workplace, and how to develop EQ. One of his statements that I have always remembered is one way to deal with stress is to “cultivate an attitude of gratitude”. Hence, when I feel stress or when I feel overburdened in life, I would take a pause and think about what life has given me, such as my family, the fresh air that I breath, and the achievements that I have made in life. This would give me a smile, and enable me to continue on to solve the challenge that is giving me stress at that moment.

I have included a link to Travis Bradberry’s discussion on EQ and also a link to his book that he co-authored below. Happy reading!

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